Compassionate support so that you can live your life more authentically and fully

Who I work with

My clients value working on themselves in order to live a more meaningful, fulfilling life. Such a life often includes:

  • Resilience and the understanding of how to accept and learn from life's pain
  • Trust in your ability to heal and in life itself
  • Deep, authentic relationships: with yourself, your partner / family, and your community
  • Alignment with your intrinsic values and purpose
  • Vital, creative self-expression

Without these components some of the challenges below often show up:

  • Feeling like you can never do or be "enough"
  • Lack of direction, stuckness, or chronic procrastination
  • Lack of career fulfillment
  • Sense of emptiness
  • Depression

How I work

My approach towards helping you move towards a more fulfilling life involves helping you

  • Work through and understand the deeper wounding that may be present, when your emotional reactions to situations may be out of proportion to the situation itself (e.g. significant grief after a short relationship ending) 
  • See how your past experiences greatly informs your present lens on the world
  • Overcome limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Develop self-compassion
  • Become hopeful
  • Develop patience and trust that healing can happen

Additionally, as part of our work together, I offer psycho-education on how the mind works, in order to give you a better understanding of how and why certain therapeutic tools will help you reach your goals. 

Overall, I will provide dedicated support in this courageous inner work, while also giving empathic and direct feedback on how you can get more of what you want in life.

My professional philosophy of how people heal and grow

My therapy practice is rooted in the following core principles, based on my work with hundreds of clients as well as my own personal journey:

  • Self-Development hinges most on looking inward with support
    • Self-awareness work with someone you trust and cares about you is crucial to growth
    • People need to feel understood and cared for in order to change in a sustained way. 
    • I aim to provide that level of deep compassion to my clients each day.
  • Pain can be a portal to wisdom
    • Often times, we have to go through pain in order to grow and move toward what we ultimately want. 
    • Thus, there is often a broader meaning and significance to our suffering. But we also don’t need to suffer needlessly. Therapy can help you distinguish between these two types of pain.
    • Engaging in therapy, and looking towards your pain instead of away, is courageous. 
    • I have significant respect for my clients who want to explore themselves in this way to heal and grow.
    • Ultimately, this helps us to live our lives with more clarity and intention.
  • You may not see the most important people in your life clearly
    • Blinds spots often stem from significant challenging experiences from your past (e.g. childhood trauma/neglect, divorce, family members’ deaths, etc.) that may unconsciously color how you interact with others, including your partner, children, other family, friends, and work colleagues. 
    • You can learn to respond more, rather than react, to the people you care about.
  • Community is crucial for sustained growth 
    • Supportive like-minded friends or family make healing and growing much easier and faster
  • There is a litmus test that signals progress on your path
    • You gradually feel more 
    • Authenticity: You act with more adherence to your deepest values and feel more free
    • Compassion: You feel more care and express more understanding to others
    • Patience in the face of uncertainty: You are better able to be in situations which put you into a temporary state of powerlessness when it's not clear how things will turn out.