Trauma Therapy for Adults with a History of Childhood Neglect or Abuse

If some of these sound like you

– I struggle with anxiety or depression

– I am hyper vigilant or easily frightened

– I often feel edgy or irritable

– I want to live an easier, happier, more connected life

…Then trauma therapy may offer the ideal therapeutic approach for you.


Trauma therapy utilizes empirically-validated approaches to help lessen the painful mental and physical responses raised by the memory of traumatic events, and seeks to create new healthier patterns in your brain.

In trauma therapy, our goals are to identify the source and triggers for your emotional and physical suffering, to find ways to cope with unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, and to teach you techniques to manage distress that enable you to move forward.

If you think this type of support could help you on your journey of healing, feel free to contact me for an appointment.


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